Children's physical literacy program. Fundamental movement & sport skills.

Let's get moving

Who We Are


What is Monkeynastix?

Monkeynastix is a fitness movement education program developing physical literacy in children ages 1 to 8 years. Focusing on developing children's fundamental movement skills, we work on the long-term, physical, cognitive, and social development of children. Monkeynastix strives to develop confidence and a positive self-image in a fun and challenging environment. Using our specialized equipment and positive reinforcement Monkeynastix helps kids develop good habits in the area of physical activity and healthy living. Children leave Monkeynastix feeling happy, confident and energized!  


What do we do?

Monkeynastix is completely mobile and brings its unique program directly to your child's daycare, school or public venue.  March break and summer camp add on's are also available to camp and child care providers.    Monkeynastix also offers birthday party activities in your home.  


Monkeynastix Lessons

Classes are 30-40 minutes in duration and begin with a fun energetic Monkeynastix warmup song, stretching positions and locomotion. Children then participate in a gross motor circuit which focuses on developing a specific skill such as balance (balance beam/ladder), jumping (trampoline/springboard), upper body/core strength (parallel bar/high bar), cardio (bike/rower/elliptical)etc. Each class ends with a fine motor or manipulative (sports) activity such as catching, throwing, kicking, etc.